Head Instructor:   Won Park     wpark@princeton.edu    609.520.8423

Affiliated Instructors in Branch Schools (for info follow the links or email replacing [at] to @)

Ying Lu                      New York City Branch                            yingtaichi[at]yahoo.com

Michael Bergman     Fairless Hills, PA  Branch                      nwataichi[at]yahoo.com

Andrew Li                 Glen Gardner, NJ Branch                       a.w.li[at]comcast.net

Frank Malinowski     East Windsor, NJ Branch                       fam[at]princeton.edu  

Steve Fithian            Bordentown, NJ Branch                           stevenb50[at]verizon.net

David Noonan         Trenton,  NJ Branch                                 gravestaichi[at]yahoo.com

Donna Liu                WuweiTaichi-YWCA                                  donnamliu[at]gmail.com

Aaron Craelius       Great Barrington, MA  Branch                 aaroncraelius[at]gmail.com

Anita Adhitya          Perth,  Australia  Branch                          taichi[at]anitaadhitya.com

Lior Silberman        Vancouver, Canada  Branch                    lior3.1415[at]gmail.com

Chris Traina            Newport Beach, CA  Branch                    ctraina81[at]hotmail.com

Bill Morone               Falls Township, PA  Branch                    moronetaichi[at]gmail.com

Bob Kopp                  Highland Park, NJ  Branch                      taichi[at]bobkopp.net

Daniil Zavlunov        Saratoga Springs, NY   Branch               garmoniya23[at]yahoo.com

Telma Sinicio           Sao Paulo,  Brazil  Branch                       telmasinicio[at]gmail.com

Rachata Muneepeerakul  Phoenix, AZ   Branch                     rachato[at]hotmail.com

Victor YungChau Sha        Las Vegas, NV  Branch                 victor_sha[at]msn.com

Jason Kim                            Clinton, NJ  Branch                        3jason.y.kim[at]gmail.com

Kei Sing Wong                    Hamilton, NJ  Branch                     k_wong[at]yahoo.com

Rahul Subramaniam          Fremont, CA  Branch                     gestalt.rahul[at]gmail.com

Francis Kwok-Ho Yeung   Matawan, NJ  Branch                    yeungc88[at]yahoo.com

John Schreij             Rotterdam, Netherlands  Branch             johnschreij[at]gmail.com

Sanela Solak           Great Barrington, MA  Branch                 sanelasolak[at]gmail.com

Boris Lekht              South Brunswick, NJ  Branch                   blekht[at]yahoo.com

Alexis Satomi Furuichi     Orange County, CA  Branch          mtbonnel[at]yahoo.com

Scott Einhorn          Frenchtown, NJ  Branch                           einhorns[at]embarqmail.com

Sara Vantournhout            Brooklyn, NY  Branch                    svantour[at]princeton.edu

Esther Wertwijn                 Toronto, Canada Branch                ewertwijn[at]gmail.com

Feng Chen                          Hopewell, NJ Branch                      fchen[at]rider.edu

Carolyn Sealfon                Toronto, Canada Branch               csealfon[at]alumni.upenn.edu

Scott Stelle                         Yardville, NJ Branch                       sogazoo[at]aol.com

Mackenzie Hawkins         Princeton, NJ Branch                     j.mackenzie.hawkins[at]gmail.com

Yan Zheng                          West Windsor, NJ Branch              Taiji9to0[at]gmail.com


Classes in Princeton University ( 2019 PU Tai Chi Club Brochure )

    [These classes are for Princeton University Students and staff.]

  1. *Wednesdays  7:30 - 8:45pm     Tai Chi   in Dillon Gym

       (Spring Semester 2019:  Register at https://campusrec.princeton.edu/node/836  )


  1. *Saturdays   3 - 4:30pm   Tai Chi Club Class   at  New South  (Rm 103)

* Sundays   10 - 11:30am   Open Tai Chi Club Class  at the Friend Center  (Rm 113 or Atrium)

Classes open to public (these are ongoing year-round)

  1. *Saturdays  at 15 Aldgate Court, Princeton (Map)

   10 - 11:30am    Chen, Yang Taiji

* Sundays  at the Friend Center, Princeton University (Friend Center Map) (Rm 113 or Atrium)

   10 - 11:30am    Chen Taiji,  Pushhands, Applications, Sword, Spear

* Tuesdays  at 15 Aldgate Court, Princeton (Map)

   8 - 9:30pm      Chen,  Wu Taiji

Fee schedule for public classes

For 1 class a week

   $30 per month [$15 for full time students (e.g., college, high school students)]

For each additional class per week

   $20 per month [$10 for full time students]

Single class $20 [$10 for full time students]

Private lesson rate; for one or two persons

$50/hour [$25/hour for full time students]

For two persons, each pays a half of above.


Introduction to Taiji

Taiji is a traditional martial art and health exercise based on Taoist philosophy that

emphasizes deep relaxation of mind and body. The form practice helps one to achieve

this by developing greater awareness of 'here and now', in addition to developing

supple strength and balance. Through self-defense applications, students experience

how deep relaxation leads to optimal action, and can apply this idea to other physical

disciplines and to enhance everyday life. Because it does not rely on brute force,

Tai Chi is a rare example of an art of self-defense that can be used effectively against

physically much stronger opponents.

Some more info in Princeton University Taichi Club Website

* Videos of Chen, Yang, and Wu barehand forms we teach

* Feedback from students in Princeton U class

Taichi form names

* Chen Taichi Xiaojia first form names

* Chen Sword form names

Demo by Princeton U Taichi Club Students

* Barehand, sword, and spear forms

(at International Festival, 20MB windows media .wmv file)

(Music was used only for demo purpose at the festival's request.)

* Sword form (30MB  windows media .wmv file)

Some info about Wonchull Park (Won Park, Wonchul Park, Won Chul Park)

I have been teaching Taiji for the past 25 years. Although I work as a physicist, Taiji with related philosophies is my deep passion. My Chen Taiji teacher is Master Chen Peishan, 20th generation successor of Chen Taiji, and the Chairman of International Society of Chen Taiji. His Taiji is called Xiaojia form of Chen Taiji, and it is softer and more internal than more commonly seen Dajia form of Chen Taiji. (Xiaojia Chen is the authentic Chen Taiji of descendants of the original creator Chen Wangting.) My Wu style teacher is Master Zhang Yun, the Head of Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association North America, who is a senior student of the late Grandmaster Wang Peisheng (Yin Cheng Da Shi), the previous Leader of Northern Wu style Taiji. My Yang form is of the Cheng Manching style, having learned from three of the late Professor Cheng's students. I have also learned much on Taiji and Qigong from Master Yan Gaofei.

I approach Taiji as a unifying discipline of martial art, philosophy, health/healing exercise, and everyday life methods. One reason why I like Taiji is that it helps all aspects of life, for example, learning effective martial movements also helps even mundane movements like walking, and vice versa. Much of Taiji philosphy is of Daoist nature. Not doing unnecessary things is central for effective doing. For example, relaxation is more of not doing than doing, and in turn relaxation is central for effective Taiji movements. My school is called WuweiTaiji. Wuwei is a term appearing repeatedly in Laotzu's Daode-jing, and it can be translated as 'doing by not doing'.

The WuweiTaiji school is also American Branch of ISCT (International Society of Chen Taiji). Masters Chen Peishan and Chen Peiju are the Chairs and I am a member of the board of directors of ISCT.

I also do Acupressure (Shiatsu). It complements Taiji well with the common acupuncture theory.



Master Chen Peishan, Master Chen Peiju (ISCT)




Master Zhang Yun (YCGF)


Master Yan Gaofei


Princeton University Taiji Club


                     Wuwei Tai Chi School,  Princeton, Mercer County, Central New Jersey, USA